Temporary Amnesia

The older we get the more we tend to be forgetful, whether it be a grocery list, an item that needed to be returned, or even paying a bill. Usually it’s something frivolous that we forget, meaning our world is not going to stop just because we forgot something. However, it’s ironic that when something bigger happens in our lives, we tend to forget the very words that can change our circumstance. Our attention tends to shift towards the problem at hand, whether it be sickness, death of a loved one, job loss, etc.
When I think about situations like this, I’m reminded of the women that went to the tomb of Jesus. When they saw the empty tomb, they automatically thought the worst, such as a robbery. Yet the angels confirmed something they already knew. Jesus had already told them that he would die and arise three days later. But when it actually happened, they were distraught that their Lord and Savior had been crucified. The promise Jesus gave was somehow lost in the middle of their devastation. How many times do we forget the promises of God, right in the middle of our devastation? The Bible says in Luke 24 that after hearing the familiar account of the location of their Lord and Savior, the women in the cemetery ‘remembered his words’. It was then that they remembered the promises Jesus gave them.
We must hold on to the promises of God, even in the midst of our devastation, because it’s easy to lose sight of where we are headed. Nevertheless, God’s reputation is impeccable, and if He said He was going to do something, it’s up to us to lay hold of the promises, not the trouble. Jesus did exactly what He said He was going to do, and that still holds true today. Don’t allow devastation to give you temporary amnesia. God knows exactly what He’s doing.

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