About Us
Our Story
Our story is similar to that of the Children of Israel coming out of Egypt.  They were thrust out, into the desert, not knowing where they were headed, much less how they were going to make it.  But just as God had a plan for them, He had a plan for us.  Through hurt, tears, and pain, God turned our situation around, leading us to our promised land.  We started our ministry out of homes with a determination to pursue all that God had for us.  For eight months, we did what we had to do, building our foundation on trusting the Lord.  We looked for buildings to rent, even looked for church buildings to purchase, but all leads came to a closed door.  But then one day, God’s plan revealed itself to us and the pieces fell into place.  Abiding Love Community was miraculously blessed with our new church home, with all contents, COMPLETELY DONATED.  We are truly experiencing the “exceeding abundantly above all that we could ask or think” kind of work that only comes from the Lord!
Our Pastors
Shane and Becky Brown are the pastors of Abiding Love Community Church.  Together, they combine their styles of preaching to bring forth the Word of God with power and truth.  Their story is different from others, in that their gifts compliment each other, producing powerful messages that have helped many.  Shane and Becky have both been in the ministry in some form since they were kids.  Their background includes ministries in Sunday School, Adult Bible Study, Men’s and Ladies’ ministries, Leadership, and everything in between. One August day in 2017, God’s plan unfolded for them and it was time to step out in the calling of God.  They watched God move and open doors for this ministry, reminding them that God is in control.  Their love for God, for people, and for each other are so apparent that they’ve often said “We don’t want to say we love with our words only, but with our actions!”  Shane and Becky were married in 1998 and have three children: Blake, Chandler, and Alexis, and two daughter-in-laws: Autumn and Sara Brook. All actively serve in the ministry in various aspects.  In 2021, they founded Remnant of Faith Ministries, where they actively work to further the kingdom of God. Working full-time jobs, being full-time pastors, and running a household may seem overwhelming, but they make it work by the grace of God.  Their excitement for what God is going to do next ignites others!