About The Ministry

Remnant of Faith Ministries was founded in 2021 by Shane and Becky Brown. It was established to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ beyond the four walls of the church. Through God’s provision, Shane and Becky hope to maximize the number of people who hear the word of God, are encouraged, delivered, and set free through prayer, and more importantly, who give their lives to the Lord.  This ministry was founded on the principle that God is still an all-powerful, saving, healing, sin crushing, devil destroying God, and that ANYTHING is possible with Him. Shane and Becky believe that what God started, He will finish, and that doors will continue to open for divine appointments. 

About Shane Brown

Shane Brown is the senior pastor at Abiding Love Community Church and the founder of Remnant of Faith Ministries. He and his wife, Becky, established Abiding Love Community Church in August of 2017. He has a powerful word and anointing, and operates in the gifts of the Spirit where many have been saved, encouraged, and healed. Shane has spent countless hours ministering, counseling, and praying over those who need a miracle from God.

About Becky Brown

Becky Brown is the co-pastor of Abiding Love Community Church and co-founder of Remnant of Faith Ministries. She operates in the gifts of the Spirit and brings forth powerful messages. She has prayed over many and with many in person and across social media outlets. Together, Shane and Becky work together as a spiritual team that has produced changes in many lives. 

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