Do You Believe God Can?

Being fully persuaded is difficult at times, especially when it comes to people. People are wishy-washy, feelings come and go, and because of this, expectations are usually set low. After all, if expectations are set low, disappointment is less likely. Because of this, we tend to set expectations low for God as well.
By not being fully persuaded that God will come through for us, we might as well say “Hey, God, I know you’re the One who sits on the throne, but I’m not expecting too much from you. I’m used to disappointment and it’s okay if you don’t come through for me.” Sounds silly, doesn’t it? But in essence, that’s what we are telling God, maybe not with our words, but with our faith.
Faith is the only way that we can please God, and without it, we tie God’s hands to do the impossible for us. Just because people disappoint us, it does not give us the right to put God in the same box. The Bible says with man, things are impossible but with God, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE. God’s reputation exceeds anything people can ever do for us or to us.
Don’t allow the disappointments of people to define what could be with God. Remember, our ways are not His ways, neither are our thoughts His thoughts. Abraham said that he was fully persuaded that what God had promised, He was also able to perform. People make promises all the time, and yet they don’t always keep them. However, when God makes a promise, you can take it to the bank that it will happen. When you’re fully persuaded about God and what He can do, then you open yourself up to the impossibilities that only God can perform!

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