Opposition Is Not Always Bad

Aren’t you tired of being pushed back, pushed down, and made to feel like you can’t achieve anything? Who isn’t?? It seems the more we try, the more things become worse. I’ve even had someone tell me that they do all kinds of good things for people and they still get knocked down. The fact is, opposition is going to occur in your life, whether you’re a child of God or an unbeliever. Yet, how you deal with the opposition is a different matter all together.
If you don’t believe in God and believe that He is the one true Lord and Savior, then you are left to deal with the situation alone. On the other hand, if you believe with all your heart that Jesus Christ died on the cross for you and rose again, you then have the ultimate advantage. God said to call upon Him in your day of trouble and He would deliver you. Just because we are Christians doesn’t mean life is way easier than unbelievers. It just means we are not alone.
Opposition is going to follow anyone who threatens the plans of the enemy, especially when you are anointed. Furthermore, (and this may take some time to sink in) God sometimes utilizes the enemy to mold us. After all, He made the enemy (the waster to destroy). You may ask ‘Why would a loving God allow the enemy to harass us?’ Simply because God does love us, and we tend to get ‘too comfortable’ where we are to move ahead.
Think about a relationship or a job you lost. If God had allowed the relationship to continue, you would have missed out on the person He had lined up for you. You may have loved your job so much (or even too much) that you alone would have never walked away on your own. Because God knows us better than we know ourselves, the job loss had to occur to get us in the place that God prepared for us as our next step in life.
The problem is that we tend to look at these ‘setbacks’ as failures on God’s part, which enters the voice of Satan. Hard as it may seem, we should look at these ‘setbacks’ as changes in our seasons. Don’t allow the enemy to rob you of what is actually taking place–the promises of God. The steps leading up to us obtaining these promises will never be what we think. But then again, that’s why He’s God and we are not. Don’t allow the opposition to keep you pushed back, but rather stand firm on God’s Word, knowing that everything is working out for your good!

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