The Potter’s Wheel Experience

Brutally Honest 

Ah, the joys of parenthood! Children can be such a blessing, especially with their innocence and honesty. They often tell you exactly how they see it, regardless of how brutal their truth is. Yet, somehow as we mature, the brutal truth tends to be watered down, or not even told at all. I’ve seen and heard this regarding many churches across the land. God’s truth is being watered down, or better yet, transformed into the delight of the people.

Power of the Truth

We must be careful in hearing such teachings. These “enticing words” can cause soul destruction. Meaning, we need to hear the truth, God’s truth, no matter how much our toes get stepped on. It’s not up to anyone to judge another, but it is up to us to provide truth and allow the Holy Spirit to do its thing. Judgment and conviction belongs to God and Him alone. Yet, many are the spokesmen of God, and their job is to tell others the truth of what the Bible teaches. Many times, some spokesmen will deter from teaching certain aspects of the Bible because their congregation will oust him or her, fearing that their church will disband.

People Pleaser

Saul did a similar thing in the Bible, where Samuel was very direct with him, telling him the directions sent forth from God. However, Saul wanted to please the people instead of obeying God, which was the beginning of the end for King Saul. Bad decisions and disobedience cost him his kingship, his sanity, his peace, his relationship with God, and ultimately, his life.

Requirement of Truth 

If you have someone in your life that tells you God’s truth, obeying God to the fullest extent, regardless if the “people” are pleased, then you have a rare jewel. Don’t allow anger to fester up because a man or woman of God is being obedient to their calling. If we are happy every time we hear a sermon, without feeling a conviction of becoming better, of doing better, then it would mean that we are perfect, which we are not. We all must strive to do better, even if it means our toes are black and blue. It’s the potter’s wheel experience, and without it we cannot become that beautiful creation God intended us to be.

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    What are your beliefs on speaking in tongues?

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