Who Can You Trust?

Trust is an attribute that’s seldom given so freely. When you say you trust someone, you are putting your faith and hope in that person, leaving yourself vulnerable. After all, people are human, and they will mess up, whether they mean to or not. Many people are afraid to trust others, because of past experiences, past hurts, and circumstances. However, the Bible says to trust in God with all of your heart, leaning not to your own understanding (Prov. 3:5). How difficult is it to really trust God? Take a look at His reputation and whether or not He’s worthy of trust. Has He ever let you down? Has He ever told you He was going to do something, and backed out at the last minute? Or has He ever lied to you? If you answer honestly to these questions, they will all be ‘no’.
Sure, we would have handled things differently than God did, or done them sooner than He did. Yet, ultimately, the outcome and the timing was all for our good. Now, getting back to the trust issue. Have you ever known someone in your life that you can trust more than God? No, not even our closest friend, our spouse, our children, or anyone else. God is the only one with a flawless reputation that will go above and beyond our expectations. But, somehow, we still tend to find a person or people that we can put our trust in, knowing that we could (and probably will) get hurt or let down.
Now is the time and season to put ALL of our trust in God, being fully persuaded that what He promised, He is also able to perform, just as Abraham believed (Romans 4:21). Don’t put your trust in people or things, for they will let you down. Rather, put your trust in God and watch the impossible come alive!

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